We believe every preemie deserves their best quality of life.


PreeMe+You is a social benefit health startup working to improve premature infant health and developmental outcomes.

We create neonatal interaction and communication tools that positively shape parent-infant relationships and parent-medical team partnerships for improving long-term health and quality of life outcomes for preemies and their families.

Our mission is to improve long-term health and quality of life outcomes for preemies and their families through the creation, implementation, and research of neonatal interaction and mobile communication technologies.

PreeMe+You Hands On App

We carefully craft social and mobile technologies to jumpstart and foster communication and interactions that are essential for premature infant health and development – never to replace them.


By helping parents and preemies grow and thrive together, our PreeMe+You health tools and pathways do the following to maximize each preemie’s quality of life:


Feel confident and comfortable communicating with your medical team about your baby, understanding and using NICU medical language as you need.


Locate and track your baby’s essential biomarkers and medical trajectory in real time. Learn how your medical team is caring for your baby and receive information that is just right for your baby’s development.



Build positive routines and rituals to care for your baby and yourself.  Learn self care activities you can rely on when life gets stressful.


Join a caring community of fellow preemie parents and professionals who are eager to share in your journey.

App found to improve quality of life for families of premature infants

Significant improvement in quality of life was observed in neonatal ICU families using the PreeMe+You app.

Guide + Support

Mindfulness in the NICU

Mindfulness in the NICU

When we experience stress, our body activates an alarm-system, known as the “fight-or-flight” mechanism, which makes us release stress hormones that activate the body’s emergency systems.

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Tree Rings of PreeMe Development

Tree Rings of PreeMe Development

There is not a parent who can ever adequately prepare for prematurity. There is not a NICU medical team member who doesn’t go the extra mile for their babies and their families.

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