Pause and Breathe

NICU time is uncertain. Not knowing and being worried is common.

You can begin to be at ease with uncertainty and not knowing.

You have a choice where to put your attention when your mind wanders with intense emotions and negative thoughts, and that is the breath. By paying attention to the breath, you can interrupt the habit of trying to use your thinking mind to control the future.

When you are feeling stressed, worried about your baby and uncertain about the future, going back to the breath can be your refuge. (You can also do this when you are feeling happy and well, as a personal ritual to celebrate the day with your baby).

Try This


Take your attention to the breath and focus on the part of your body where you feel it most strongly (the belly, chest, lips or nostrils) and stay with your experience of the breath… breathing in… and breathing out… feeling the sensations of breathing… letting go of any need to direct the breath in any way. Imagine the breath is filling your entire body, from the head to your feet… allowing the body to fill with energy and life.


Wherever you are, go back to your breath and imagine the breath is filling your entire body, from the head to your feet… and notice how the air enters your whole body with energy and life. Repeat this a few times.


How did it feel to take time out of your day to only think about your breath?


What do you think about this idea of taking a moment and using some mindfulness?


What kind of NICU day were you and your baby having when you tried this?


Are there other ways that you might apply checking in with your breath?

Taking a moment for a mindful ritual or activity can help refuel your energy and determination to stay present and attuned to all that is being done to help your baby grow out of prematurity.

Share your thoughts with a loved one (or with us, we would love to hear from you)

Team PreeMe+You