Loving Kindness

As parents of a premature baby, this is a way to directly address a basic fear that almost all parents carry while they have their baby in the NICU, the fear that “something will go wrong”. Fear can be present in lesser or greater degrees, arise unexpectedly,...

App Found to Improve Quality of Life for Families of Premature Infants

Significant improvement in quality of life was observed in neonatal ICU families using the PreeMe+You app, preliminary results from a two-center study showed. “NICU time is stressful,” one of the study authors, Abigail Whitney, said at the Pediatric Academic Societies...

Pause and Breathe

You have a choice where to put your attention when your mind wanders with intense emotions and negative thoughts, and that is the breath. By paying attention to the breath, you can interrupt the habit of trying to use your thinking mind to control the future. When you...

Mindfulness in the NICU

When we experience stress, our body activates an alarm-system, known as the “fight-or-flight” mechanism, which makes us release stress hormones that activate the body’s emergency systems.

Tree Rings of PreeMe Development

There is not a parent who can ever adequately prepare for prematurity. There is not a NICU medical team member who doesn’t go the extra mile for their babies and their families.