Partner With Us

Be our strategic partner to bring caring moments and nurturing interactions to patients and families.

Start benefiting from the results of our clinically researched app and platform with a participation fee that’s right for your unit. 

Grow with us to be a strategic partner and establish your unit as a PreeMe+You regional hub. Co-publish with our research team to be thought leaders in NICU digital health or use our tools for your own research needs.

The PreeMe App helps medical teams to:

Improve the communication with parents in the NICU

Reduce medical care and time costs due to communication breakdown and developmental assessment challenges that occur post-discharge.

Empowers medical teams to go deeper in their explanations and care, minimizing “lost in translation.”

Spend time with families at the bedside in the way they need. Helps guide parents and prepares them for a deeper and more nuanced conversation.

Build positive medical rituals for efficient, effective, and meaningful partnerships between parents and medical staff.

PreeMe+You App helps parents to:


Follow the progress of their infant while in the NICU and to help them engage at the bedside


Track their baby’s whole body system progress and maturation in real-time.


Connect with how their medical team is caring for your baby and get “just right” information.


Be fluent in NICU care and language.


Feel confident and comfortable communicating with their medical team.


Feel supported and build positive routines and rituals to care for their baby and themselves.


Learn self-care activities they can rely on when times get stressful.

How does it work?

The PreeMe App is available to NICUs through our partnership program. We provide clinicians with materials and a quick onboarding while NICU parents receive a unique and secure NICU code to begin tracking their preemie’s medical trajectory. The PreeMe app is intuitive and easy-to use for both parents and their care team. All information is private and will not interact with the baby’s electronic medical record. 

Our mobile app is available to hospitals through a pilot partnership.

PreeMe+You aims to empower parents by harmonizing NICU care and communication to produce every preemie’s best health outcomes.

Because NICU care requires high levels of integrated clinical and interpersonal care and support, our scalable solutions for health interactions are dynamically updated with our leading  research findings and insights. With ease of implementation, this optimizes resources for financial savings.

Responding to feedback to adapt the PMY system to other areas of medicine, an early strategic partnership will allow for the co-shaping of development and distribution both for NICUs and others, guiding and supporting more patients through health journeys.

For more information on parternships with PreeMe+You, contact us at